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Healthy Living Throughout the Curriculum



A primary and nursery school demonstrates how it encourages healthy eating amongst pupils, staff and parents.

When Marcelo Staricoff became headteacher of Hertford Infant and Nursery School two years ago, he decided to incorporate healthy living throughout the curriculum.

Pupils aged three to seven regularly take part in environmentally-friendly projects, such as cycling or scooting to school, recycling cooking oil to run the school bus, and creating cook books.

Charities and parents help the children to grow, cook and eat their own food. The pupils also exercise regularly and enjoy the environment, with help from the local community.

One of the school's greatest achievements is involving families by inviting them to share their ideas on a blackboard shed and cook in class alongside their children.

Involving the staff at every level of the school and adopting help from enthusiastic parents has meant that being eco-friendly has become a way of life for the school and surrounding community.


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