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Primary Geography - Caribbean in a Box with Howard Lisle



Howard Lisle introduces a banana box to teach primary teachers, at KS1 and KS2 level, about the geography and the Caribbean.

CPD trainer and Geographer, Howard Lisle, shows teachers how a simple, free and easily obtainable resource - a banana box - can be used to make geography lessons fun and relevant.

It may seem an unlikely prop but Howard demonstrates to teachers how a banana box contains clues as to where its contents have come from.

Studying several boxes at once, pupils can gain a better understanding of the Caribbean region, including farming methods, its weather and how it fits in with international trade.

This video is an inspirational CPD resource.

Published : Oct 2010

05 mins


Inspirational CPD Training


Primary Teacher


Primary Geography

Places, patterns and processes

Whole School Issues

Primary CPD


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