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Guided Reading: Fiction and Non-fiction



Teachers at two very different primary schools, one inner-city and one rural, show how they support Key Stage 2 guided reading groups in literacy sessions looking at fiction and non-fiction.

Both groups require creative and energetic teaching to help their children reach their full potential in reading.

At Princess May Primary in East London, Giovanna Ionta, a Year 5 teacher from Spain, leads a guided reading session with a mainly Spanish-speaking group, where some of the English as an Additional Language (EAL) pupils struggle with complex English words.

At Gade Valley School, Hertfordshire, the progress of a mixed ability group of Year 4 pupils is followed as they take part in a guided reading session based on the non-fiction topic of friction.

Staff explain how adding guided reading to the school's APP has significantly lifted standards in reading throughout the school.

Published : Sep 2010

05 mins


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