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GCSE English - Building Confidence in Extended Writing



A Key Stage 4 English lesson on extended writing that uses pair and group work to build confidence in writing a film review.

The lesson starts with paired work, where students develop their vocabulary in a competition on synonyms.

In the main part of the lesson the class is split into groups, each with the responsibility of writing one part of the review.

Finally one member of each group reads their paragraph back to the class.

Head of English Natasha Nicol, at Peacehaven Community College, shows how this lesson can help students build their confidence in writing an extended piece of work.

All resources required to run this lesson can be found in the support materials section, including a lesson plan, instructions for writing a film review, shared review writing forms and some film review snippets of the film, to get the students started.

Published : Sep 2010

05 mins


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