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Two Year 5 teachers plan and deliver active lessons on science and cultural understanding, concentrating on the resources they will use, in a video containing useful lesson-planning tips.

Kirsten Paveley plans a lesson where pupils work in pairs to explore the sound proofing qualities of different materials that she has prepared. She talks through her planning with Lent Rise School's headteacher Brenda Bigland and her co-year teacher Tamsin Hindley.

After Kirsten delivers her lesson, she explains how she feels she should have encouraged her class to think more laterally about other materials and not rely on the selection she had provided, although overall it went well.

Tamsin plans a very lively lesson about the interpretation of gestures and how they mean different things in different countries.

Her class is encouraged to illustrate these ways of communicating using digital cameras, MP3 players and other resources, with the intention of sending their work to their twinned school in Romania.

Published : Aug 2010

04 mins


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