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Planning Different Activities



A teacher plans literacy sessions for Early Years at a primary school, including lively activities in a plan which allows a flexible approach to learning.

This lesson-planning resource shows how Katie Penney plans literacy sessions collaboratively with colleagues, who then report back to each other on its effectiveness, allowing the plan to be improved after its first delivery.

She plans a lively story for the lesson starter, and uses activities including puppets, speech bubbles and matching words. She builds flexibility into the plan to allow her to take clues from the class as to their learning rate.

She includes choice within the lesson by giving the pupils options, but still ensures that the most popular activities won't have too many pupils doing the same thing at the same time. And her plenary activity is a recap of the children's ideas for further literacy lessons.

Her tip for early years planning is to take cues from the class and to be flexible in your approach.

Published : Jul 2010

04 mins


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