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Primary French



Discover fresh and engaging lesson ideas for Key Stage 2 French, giving pupils the confidence to practise their modern language skills in class.

With the help of Dunia Sabil, their French foreign language assistant, Catherine Cook and Kayleigh Hartley of Beam Primary School in Dagenham play Jacques a Dit, the French version of the Simon Says game. The rules are exactly the same: when Jacques says... you do it. When he doesn't, everyone shouts 'perdu' (lost).

The next activity in the lesson plan involves singing traditional French nursery rhyme Y'a une pie. Once the pupils have sung it a few times they can come to the front to swap the nouns and adverbs for different French words, creating their own sentences.

A role play of a French cafe, complete with menus, gives pupils the chance to use their French and prepare for foreign holidays. And finally an opportunity to learn a French-style dance gives pupils a wider cultural understanding.


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