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KS1/2 English - Literacy and Enjoyment 2



Year 6 teacher Matthew Velada-Billson facilitates a book talk session with his class, and introduces them to the novel Goodnight Mr. Tom.

The book talk reveals a range of responses to reading: some pupils are already deep into the world of fantasy epics, others prefer picture-books, and a minority doesn't see the point of reading at all.

With this in mind, Matthew begins the process of getting the whole class to engage with Goodnight Mr. Tom by reading the first chapter aloud and discussing some key moments about character.

A brisk pair-work exercise gets the children up and moving before they're given specific scenes to work on in larger groups.

This drama activity brings the serious readers into a world of physical expression, while giving more lively children good reason to invest in a relatively long written text.

Published : Feb 2007

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary English


Speaking & listening


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