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Love 'Em or Loathe 'Em



A design and technology (D&T) newly qualified teacher (NQT) is getting to grips with teaching a Year 8 class. And he needs some advice from behaviour expert John Bayley on his pedagogical skills.

In June, John observes Ben Nelson's isometric drawing lesson. They agree that many students haven't understood the lesson at Brockworth Enterprise School in Gloucestershire. John feels Ben needs to be better organised in the classroom, and to give more praise as a motivational tool.

At the start of the school year John observes Ben's Key Stage 3 lesson in a module on money boxes. Ben's classroom management has improved but he's relying too much on the school's new disciplinary code, without setting the groundwork with positive reinforcement.

John takes Ben to observe the secondary school's headteacher Paul Elliot giving a masterclass in making Year 7 feel special, guided by his abiding principle of finding something to like in each and every one of his pupils.


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