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Scrap Art



Key Stage 1/2 teachers at two primary schools in Blackburn demonstrate three creative art and design lessons on using scrap and recycled materials. See how they inspire their Year 1, Year 3 and Year 4 pupils.

KS2 teacher Kelvin Wilkins uses a safari theme to help his Year 3 pupils develop their planning skills by working in groups to design and make their own African animal at Feniscowles Primary School.

KS1 art co-ordinator Simone Addy uses a puppet to motivate her Year 1 class to work collaboratively and build a house out of scrap materials at St Mary's and St Joseph's Primary School.

And in Laura Ellis' lesson plan, her Year 4 pupils develop their key skills in investigating materials and problem solving as they create their own Indian-inspired hats.

Published : Apr 2010

15 mins


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