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Saving Time with ICT



A secondary school shows how it incorporates ICT into every aspect of school life, saving staff time.

The backbone of the ICT integration at Broadgreen International School, Liverpool, is its learning platform. It lets teachers easily access pupil and class information, set work for individuals or groups, do all reports online, upload lessons and resources, and access all the information they need when they work from home.

In class, the school employs extensive use of ICT such as visualisers, voting pads and Flip video cameras, which are used for such things as staff training, peer assessment and presentations.

To show how the use of ICT saves times, the video follows one teacher through the working day as she shows the reality of extensive use of ICT in school, both in and out of the classroom.

Broadgreen International School is a specialist Technology College, and was the 2009 winner of a Becta award for best whole school use of ICT.

Published : May 2010

30 mins


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