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KS3/4 PSHE - Sex and Relationship Education - Tackling STIs



The broadcast version of this programme is subtitled.

This programme features a lively and powerful lesson on the health risks of sex.

Teaching at King's Manor Community College in Shoreham, West Sussex, Claire Barr, a citizenship advanced skills teacher, believes that teenagers need to know about all aspects of sex relationship education to make informed choices. She likes to ensure that each of her classes involves an inclusive, thought-provoking activity that will get a simple but powerful message across.

In this case, the activity starts with each student selecting a plastic cup containing a clear liquid. They then play a game that demonstrates how quickly sexually transmitted diseases can spread. The students walk around and chatting to other people as if making small talk at a party. Each time they have a conversation with someone, they have to pour in about half of the fluid in their cup into that of the person they are in conversation with and vice versa. Two of the cups represent an infection and have different contents from the rest. After just 10 minutes of the game, how many cups now contain the "infected" liquid?

See the resources and support materials page to download Claire Barr's lesson plan and for links relating to this programme.

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