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GCSE History: Apartheid and Nazi Germany



Innovative history lesson ideas on a selection of topics covering the GCSE curriculum, including Key Stage 4 European and world history, are demonstrated by three teachers in this lesson-planning resource.

Introducing a starter activity for a lesson on apartheid, and Hula Hoop History, a lesson idea aimed at providing pupils with an overview of what it was like for Jews living in Nazi Germany, is head of department Emma Parker.

The secondary students place cards listing anti-Jewish laws in a large hula-hoop Venn diagram, encouraging them to evaluate how different areas of life were affected by the anti-Jewish laws.

Demonstrating how he uses role play to cover the topic of international opposition to apartheid, Steve Toms stages a press conference with higher-attaining KS4 students taking the roles of delegates.

Finally, Sophie Welch introduces a learning pyramid to help students learn how to identify and gather information from historical sources, which they will need to remember when they sit their GCSE history exam.


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