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Data Handling



Explore these innovative Key Stage 2 lesson-planning ideas for getting Year 3 and Year 4 children immersed into maths by using fun, physical games to teach data handling.

A Year 3 class turn data about their favourite school meals into a human bar graph. Tall children become the X and Y axes, and the information gathered about the different foods is represented by other children at Cuffley School, Hertfordshire.

Year 4 children do Olympic Maths at the Wroxham School, Hertfordshire. They measure and record long jumps, high jumps and target practice using a beanbag. They then turn their data into Venn diagrams and graphs for analysis to find their Olympic Maths Champions.

Meanwhile, Year 3 pupils collect data about time, using a Tardis in their classroom. They enter the Tardis to estimate when 30 seconds has elapsed. At the end of the lesson the data is turned into a graph on the interactive whiteboard.

Published : Nov 2009

15 mins


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