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KS1/2 Science - Engaging Girls with Practical Science



A look at the work Skyswood Primary School in St Albans is doing to encourage girls to enjoy science.

When the staff at the school gave the children an annual questionnaire about subjects, they were alarmed to discover that while 70 per cent of boys loved science, only 30 per cent of girls had the same level of enjoyment.

The school also discovered the girls were so keen to get the answers right, they were afraid to experiment in case they got the results "wrong".

The school adopted a number of initiatives to tackle the issue, including more school visits, more science-related visitors in school, and more practical lessons.

The school also paired up younger and older classes within science, encouraging the less confident children to take on the role of "teacher", and ensuring the older children have a thorough understanding of the topics.

Published : Mar 2010

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Science


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