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Early Years Foundation Stage Support Staff



At Erdington Hall Primary School planning the nursery and reception pupils' literacy learning is a priority heavily dependent on the support staff.

The school faces the challenges of economic deprivation and a culturally diverse, highly mobile community, so the support staff's skills and commitment are of particular importance.

In the programme we highlight moments in the TAs' routine that show the breadth of the work they undertake including play-based learning; EAL and special needs support; group and whole class work; and team planning.

All TAs have completed NVQ training which has helped professionalize their role. They lead phonics-based activities, organise the outdoor as well as the indoor classroom and accompany the YR on a zoo trip.

The way the Foundation Stage team deliver the literacy curriculum allows for child-initiated activities, often very demanding of the staff. As the Foundation Stage co-ordinator explains: "We just couldn't do it without our support staff!"


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