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KS3/4 PSHE - Anorexia



With more under-16s being hospitalised from anorexia than ever before, three teenagers take time to explain their own struggle with this life-threatening eating disorder.

Anorexia is a complex mental illness which can affect young men as well as women. Lindsay, Rob and Constance reveal what led them to become anorexic and, along with testimonies from their families, health services and schools, they also describe the long-road to recovery.

The nature of the illness makes the sufferer deceitful and secretive, as they withdraw from their friends and family in order to hide the fact they are starving themselves. Despite this, friends, teachers and parents can play a vital role in early intervention and helping anorexics to recover.

Published : Jun 2009

15 mins


Secondary Pupil


Secondary PSHE

Human health & safety


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