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This programme focuses on Lymm High School's school council system which represents 2000 students and makes sure every voice is heard.

Nicole Harris, the global citizenship coordinator explains that in 2002 students were split into 73 forms, each belonging to one of five halls. Each hall had its own council. Four years on, this system has evolved and is run by Nicole. Each council consists of representatives from classes across all three key stages so that experience is shared vertically through the hall.

Halls are self-governing and reflect the wants and needs of their particular students. Elected representatives from each form meet weekly to develop the hall ethos, decide on issues, brainstorm fundraising ideas and much more.

Meeting minutes with action points are taken and representatives report back to class. The Whole-School Council then meets every two and a half weeks to coordinate campaigns and share information.

Published : Dec 2006

15 mins


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