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KS1/2 Science - KS1: Learning with Scarlet: Lesson Review



Jane Turner, deputy director of the East of England Science Learning Centre, visits St Mary's Primary School in Birmingham to review and discuss the "Learning with Scarlet" science programme.

Jane joins Veronica Knight, the Year 2 teacher who held the lesson on 'the parts of plants we can eat' that was filmed, and John Blaney, the school's deputy director and science co-ordintor, to discuss their views on the final product.

The panel watch the programme and discuss the reactions of that one pupil to the lesson, how she learned and in what way. They discuss the information they gather from the programme and how it will help in future lessons. Jane also provides further advice and suggestions for future science lessons.

Published : Sep 2006

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Science

Life processes and living things


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