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KS1/2 PE and Sport - Cross-School Co-ordination



In this programme, we explore how the School Sports Partnership is improving primary schools' participation in PE and sports.

In St Helen's, PE advisory teacher Julie Fraser heads up a team, all of whom have different roles, with the common goal of improving sport in the community and sharing best practice.

One of the team is school sports coordinator Daniel Allen. Based at Rainford High, Daniel works with a cluster group of six local primary schools, raising standards and introducing new sports.

He tries to find something for everyone and targets children who may not normally get involved. He also trains Year 5 and 6 primary activity leaders to get younger pupils doing something constructive at breaktimes.

Another team member, Ken Andrews, coaches Daniel in bocca bowls, devised for SEN pupils but enjoyed by all. Together they organise a tournament for 3 of the cluster group, which is taught and refereed by Year 10 junior sports leaders from Rainford.

Published : Jul 2006

15 mins


Primary Teacher


Primary Physical Education


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