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Secondary Special Needs - Dyslexia Friendly Classroom



This programme looks at increasing the understanding of what it is to be a dyslexic at school and offers innovative classroom strategies to help dyslexic pupils to achieve.

The programme focuses on a dyslexia awareness course with SEN staff from Sackville School in East Grinstead as they learn how to make their classrooms dyslexia friendly.

Specialist trainers from the Medway Dyslexia Association put the SEN staff through their paces with various activities designed to put them in the shoes of a dyslexic student, from discussing their hobbies using limited vocabulary to attempting to copy passages written with the Greek alphabet while being timed!

It is estimated that around one in ten school children are dyslexic so greater insight into their difficulties in class is essential to help improve teaching in the future.

Published : Sep 2006

15 mins


Secondary Teacher

Secondary Teaching Assistant

Whole School Issues

Secondary SEN


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