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KS3 Food Technology: 55 Minutes



Chef Michael Coaker visits Rosedale College, west London, and is challenged to complete a dish in a single 55 minute Year 9 food technology lesson.

The head of food technology, Denise Buttigieg, takes a Year 9 class while Michael assists and prepares lemon curd and meringue for their lemon curd tartlets. It's a rush but they just about complete their product.

Michael, who is working with the school as part of the Chefs Adopt a School project, takes over for the next Year 9 class. He pairs the students to do both the pastry and filling for a spinach and ricotta pasty. Again the pace is frantic and as the clock ticks down.

It's a great experience for the students, as well as for Denise and Michael, and shows that even with the best facilities and a chef on hand, cooking in 55 minutes is a challenge.

Published : May 2009

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Design and Technology



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