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KS3/4 Science - Demonstrating Biology: It Takes Guts



Dr Nigel Collins at Kings Charles 1 School wows his Year 9 class when he uses a pig's entrails to demonstrate the digestive system.

Nigel explains that once he receives the entrails, from the abattoir, hygienic handling and storage is of paramount importance. It's a lot of work for lab technician, Kathy Deakin, but it's worth it as the pupils really appreciate the opportunity to see real guts.

Before any demonstration Nigel is aware of the sensitivities and religious issues around exposing animal organs and reassures his pupils that the animal was not killed for demonstration purposes.

Once everything is prepared he shows the digestive system in detail from one end to the other. He enlists the help of some volunteers and also enhances his lesson by using endoscopy images obtained from the Royal Free Hospital in London.

It is with great regret that we learned that Dr Nigel Collins, the presenter of this programme, passed away after the programme was completed. We continue to broadcast the programme with the kind permission of his family.

Published : Mar 2007

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Science



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