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KS3/4 Gender Equality - Curriculum Choices



Two schools in Norfolk show how they are tackling long-standing gender stereotyping in subject option choices.

The Hewett School offers a Diploma taster day including sessions where boys are introduced to "traditionally female" subjects such as hair and beauty, while the girls are encouraged to have a go at subjects like engineering, product design or manufacturing.

At Hethersett High, they hold meetings with a group of Year 9 and Year 11 students, to get a student perspective on why there are differences between the traditional academic choices made by girls and boys.

Teachers running the groups are surprised to discover just how deeply engrained traditional gender roles remain. They plan strategies to involve parents more in discussing what the options mean and introduce students to more positive gender role models from the world of work.

Published : Jun 2009

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Vocational 14-19


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