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NQTs in Science - Engaging with Learners



To keep Year 8 science students on task and stimulated during lessons, behaviour expert John Bayley gives an NQT classroom-management advice in this pedagogy resource.

John watches as John Duggan organises the Key Stage 3 class into groups so they can teach each other about the digestive system. While John is impressed by the structure of the lesson, he notices that some students can often drift off task.

He suggests allocating roles in group work to ensure all students participate, and holding plenaries more frequently during lessons. John offers advice on how more hands-on activities during a lesson can engage easily distracted secondary students, adding that praise can go a long way in motivating students in class.

Two weeks later, Bayley returns and is encouraged by John's new approach, incorporating generous praise and classroom activities, generating some excellent work.

Published : Mar 2009

15 mins


Teaching with Bayley


Secondary NQT


Secondary Science

Whole School Issues

Secondary Behaviour

Classroom Management


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