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Classroom Routines



Behaviour expert Sue Cowley visits a Year 3 teacher in Birmingham, helping him instil some class routines that reduce disruptions, in this pedagogy and classroom management resource.

Baz Barrett recognises there are a number of crunch times in the day where behaviour in the classroom can become disruptive. Sue and Baz look back at a typical day in his KS2 class, reviewing the footage and discussing the crunch times that have occurred.

Sue suggests a number of pedagogical skills and strategies for Baz to try out when he returns to the classroom to enable him to gain the focus of the class quickly.

Two weeks later Sue visits Baz's classroom at Ward End Primary School, in Birmingham, to see how he's got on. They talk about how her suggested strategies have worked and Sue demonstrates some of the tactics she uses to focus a class quickly.

Published : Sep 2006

15 mins


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