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From One Thing to Another



A day in the life of any teacher can be hectic but for newly qualified teachers, learning how to deal with the many transitions of the school day can present a real challenge.

Moving children in and out of the classroom, around the school and from carpet to table are times when behaviour management can fall apart.

Induction expert Sara Bubb gives some practical tips to NQTs Helen Weeks and Tamsin Wicks. Both women teach in south London schools but have specific problem areas.

By watching footage of the NQTs in action, Sara is able to provide insight into where things are working well and where changes could be made to help things run more smoothly.

Sara's advice provides Helen and Tamsin with a valuable set of skills that helps make their working day more manageable.

Published : Feb 2006

15 mins


Primary NQTs


Primary NQT

Whole School Issues

Primary Behaviour

Classroom Management


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