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The Trouble with Girls: Winning Them Over



In this third of a four-part, whole-school series on the underachievement of Key Stage 4 girls, behaviour expert John Bayley meets a teacher whose approach is producing results at Eltham Green School in south London.

So far, John has met various teachers who find it hard to build relationships with the girls in question. Some emphasise discipline and control at the expense of building trust, while others disregard behaviour management for fear of confrontation.

But Hannah Johns has all the tools in her pedagogical armoury. She joined the school three years ago as a Teach First recruit and is now Head of RE.

Hannah feels variety is crucial to her teaching style. She mixes coolness and warmth as required, but uses both as central pillars in her strategy for motivating secondary students and raising achievement.

Within one lesson Hannah can issue a strict warning and have a chat with the same student about their love life. John observes that the cumulative effect of this nasty-and-nice routine is that she 'plays a blinder'.

Published : Mar 2006

15 mins


Teaching with Bayley


Secondary Teacher

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Secondary Behaviour


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