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KS1/2 Modern Foreign Languages - Strategies and Pay-offs - Spanish to Year 6



This programme explores how progression in grammar and literacy can be built into a school's Modern Foreign Languages strategy and asks what wider value can be gained from teaching MFL at primary level.

Arnot Community Primary in Liverpool is a Centre of Excellence for MFL with Spanish speakers on staff and pupils learning the language from Foundation onwards.

We visit the school and take a look at what they are achieving with their children by Year 6. We also discover what being a Centre of Excellence for MFL entails.

More specifically, we focus on the numeracy work and games in Martin Fitzgerald's Year 5-6 class and speak with LEA advisors Jayne Patten and Sheila Grady.

We also speak to foreign language assistant Lucia Abalos and hear from the non-specialist teachers who are delivering the strategies in the classroom.


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