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KS3/4 Science - Stem Cell Research: The Lesson



Teresa Bennett is a science teacher at Collingwood College in Camberley. In this programme she structures her lesson around the controversial issue of embryonic stem (ES) cell research with her top set Year 9 group.

Using the example of Stephen Cuff, a young man whose life has been ruined by Parkinson's Disease, Teresa introduces the pupils to the idea that stem cell research could cure a host of diseases and conditions. She explains how embryonic stem cells could help before opening up an ethical debate on the subject.

To help the pupils explore the issues without becoming too emotionally involved, Teresa chooses characters for them to portray. Characters include stem cell researchers, people like Stephen who could benefit from the research and people who are opposed to it.

The groups then present their ideas in character, with some surprising results.

Also present is Ralph Levinson from the Institute of Education who gives Teresa some valuable feedback on her lesson.

Published : Oct 2005

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Science



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