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Primary Creativity



The Parents Guide is where you'll find out what's going on in schools today and hear some of the key issues being discussed from the parents' point of view. As presenter Fiona Millar says, "If you have school-aged children, this programme is for you."

In this programme, we join Fiona, parents Nicky McGirr and John Preston, and education consultant Dr Marilyn Fryer to discuss creativity in primary schools. We look at some Teachers TV programmes and see how creativity is being addressed by teachers, pupils and parents, asking questions such as:

  • What does an inspirational art lesson look like?
  • Can music be taught satisfactorily without specialist music teachers?
  • Can computer games be good for learning, let alone creativity?
  • Where should the balance lie between creativity and traditional approaches to learning?
  • How can parents get involved?

Published : Feb 2006

30 mins


Primary Teacher


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