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KS3 Modern Foreign Languages - Why Learn a Language?



Through a workshop experience, a Year 9 class of girls at Hodge Hill Girls School in Birmingham are motivated to consider taking a modern foreign language for either GCSE or as a vocational course.

The programme features Languages for Life project officer Annie Bannerman and her team of undergraduates from Aston University's School of Languages and Social Sciences leading a workshop with a Year 9 group of girls. The team work alongside pupils enabling them to discuss the opportunities that exist for students with language skills both academically and vocationally.

The programme looks at:

  • The value of workshops to inspire, motivate and inform pupils about to choose their options
  • The advantage given to bilingual students with community languages when they learn another language
  • The benefits of being able to speak a modern foreign language

Published : Mar 2006

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Modern Foreign Languages


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