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KS3/4 Citizenship - Crime and Punishment: Prison



Citizenship is a subject that many teachers countrywide are finding a challenge to deliver effectively. This programme takes a look at how Clifton School are enhancing their citizenship curriculum by working with outside organisations including the prison service.

The programme follows events on a Crime and Safety Awareness Day organised by the Prison Me No-Way Trust, where community organisations deliver a variety of workshops to Year 8 at the school.

Crime and Punishment: Prison should be of use to all teachers coming to grips with the citizenship curriculum who want to make the most of working with outside agencies.

The focus is on three workshops:

  • A realistic view of prison life presented by the prison service
  • An interactive role-play on the consequences of antisocial behaviour
  • The youth offending service works to raise awareness of the legality of certain activities

An expert is also on hand to offer his comments and advice.

Published : Oct 2005

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Citizenship

Democracy and justice


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