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Secondary Special Needs - EBD - Transforming Lives



According to Ofsted, the inspiring work of Cuckmere House Special School "transforms the lives" of EBD pupils. The programme vividly explores its approach, highlighting the strategies for dealing with severe emotional and behavioural difficulties from which mainstream schools can learn.

Principal Frank Stanford and his staff explain the importance of high quality teaching to ensure that all pupils can achieve. The school has a consistent behaviour management policy: all pupils have behaviour targets and at the end of every lesson their behaviour is graded on a scale of A to F, with clear consequences for good and bad behaviour. Whatever their behaviour, pupils are always given a new start and they appreciate the respect and fairness of their teachers.

Pupils' social skills are developed with a popular programme of outdoor pursuits and other activities. Communication within the school and with parents is crucial, with parents and carers receiving a copy of their child's behaviour sheet every week.


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