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A secondary music teacher needs practical classroom-management advice, so behaviour expert John Bayley helps him improve his approach and technique in this pedagogy resource.

Teddy Prout finds Tuesdays particularly challenging, with seven hours of non-stop teaching, choir practice and meetings. John spends the day watching Teddy and quickly gets an insight into what's going wrong.

John feels Teddy needs to be more precise in his instructions, both on behaviour and task setting, so pupils know exactly what they should be doing and when. As the day winds on, this lack of explicitness becomes even more obvious in Teddy's class at Highgate Wood School in north London.

A few days later John returns to see Teddy, who's rehearsing the musical Cabaret with a Year 10 group. Teddy feels things are getting much better, though he admits he still has some way to go.

Published : Oct 2005

15 mins


Teaching with Bayley


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Music

Whole School Issues

Secondary Behaviour


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