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KS3 Geography - Thinking Skills 1



Thinking skills are thought to enhance the performance of students because they use activities that are more challenging in terms of the thinking required by them. In this programme, an advanced skills teacher demonstrates techniques such as mind movies to show how they can be applied to bring topics alive and aid recall.

Thinking skills are at the centre of AST Paul Ticehurst's lessons. In his Key Stage 3 geography class he illustrates how the strategies of mind movies and reading photographs help students to learn.

Mind movies can be a highly flexible teaching tool and particularly appeal to pupils who learn best with visual and auditory stimuli. However, they also present a degree of risk.

Paul deals with this by showing that for mind movies to work well, there has to be an excellent teacher-pupil relationship and pupils must learn to take their own knowledge seriously.

Paul's class illustrates that thinking skills are an exciting way of encouraging the students to think for themselves and to analyse not just what they are learning, but how they are learning.

Published : Oct 2005

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Geography


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