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KS3/4 Music - Working with Music Technology 2



In Working with Music Technology 2, we see how music technology can be integrated into the curriculum in imaginative ways.

At The Hewett School in Norwich, head of music Peter Jay has used his knowledge and enthusiasm for music technology to revitalise the music traditions of the school. Together with ex-student and music technology teacher Adam Lawrence, he has raised the profile of modern music styles such as rock, drum and bass, reggae and minimalism, and created an unstoppable creative drive among the students by encouraging live performance. The enthusiasm reaches its peak in the yearly concert "Livewire" where the students take to the stage to share their compositions with a sell-out crowd.

The programme looks at how to:

  • Break down barriers with troubled students
  • Cultivate talent that might otherwise go astray
  • Create a musical community in the classroom that is based on mutual respect between pupils and teachers

Published : Sep 2005

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Music


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