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KS3/4 Design and Technology - Group Work in Design and Technology 2



In the previous programme, four D&T teachers at Queens Park Community School in north London adopted a range of group work strategies. In this programme they watch a video of their day and discuss its implications.

Key Stage 3 strategy consultant Gareth Stevens, from Harrow LEA, shares his observations and encourages them to see group work techniques as having a relevance in all sorts of lessons.

They agree on the usefulness of the exercise and express surprise at how readily their pupils took to working in groups. They debate some interesting challenges including:

  • The role of the teacher
  • When to intervene and when to leave pupils alone
  • How best to organise the groups

A common observation is that group work suits particular children well, especially those who are often not engaged in more traditional activities. All four teachers reflect on the interplay between more and less able pupils and how their expectations are sometimes dramatically challenged.


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