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Managing Inclusion: Reducing the Burden



Since 2003, the headteachers of Coventry's 19 secondary schools have created an alternative to permanent exclusion called "Managed Moves".

Having pupils "dumped" on him was a serious issue for Robin Brabban, headteacher of Barr's Hill School when he arrived six years ago. But the scheme allows pupils to be transferred via a pupil referral unit from one school to another. For Martin Bonathan, head of inclusion, this offers a much more sympathetic approach for pupils and allows the negotiation of a fairer distribution of difficult and disruptive pupils between schools.

We hear from a variety of people who have been involved in the scheme:

  • Julian Charters, chair of the secondary heads group, explains how headteachers are now more willing to take on the burden of dealing with difficult pupils
  • Marion Simpson, head of SEN Management Services discusses a new case
  • Learning mentor Lesley Longden highlights the difficulties that can resurface for some pupils
  • Martin Bonathan talks about how co-operation between the headteachers is central to the continuing success of the scheme

See the resources and support materials page for links to more information on managing inclusion.

Published : Jun 2005

15 mins


Secondary Headteacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Behaviour

Secondary Inclusion


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