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Managing Inclusion: Preventing Exclusion



Since 1995, Preston Manor High School in London has been developing ways to help pupils with challenging behaviour move forward rather than be excluded.

Assistant headteacher Andy Ward explains that the school was concerned about the high exclusion rate of Black African and Caribbean boys. After consultation they introduced programmes specifically designed to address these pupils' needs. One of these programmes is an anger management scheme in which pupils are encouraged to talk about what upsets them and to role-play positive responses to a variety of situations.

Child psychotherapist Emile Jackson also visits the school on a regular basis and works with both pupils and teachers to explore what lies behind the behavioural patterns in question. The scheme includes a pastoral support plan, agreed with each boy and his parents and reinforced with mentoring.

Throughout the programme, we hear the views of pupils and staff with comments from inclusion officer Robert Reid and Sue Lowidt, head of SEN for Brent LEA.

Published : Jun 2005

15 mins


Secondary Headteacher

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