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Implementing Personalised Learning: Customised Teaching



In this programme, we see advanced skills teacher Sue Prichard teaching two Year 10 German classes using personalised learning techniques.

In the first lesson we see her differentiate her lesson to suit multiple ability levels. She hands out more advanced tasks to the more able students while continuing to support the lower-ability pupils. She also uses data collected from a learning skills questionnaire to give her lessons the right mix of auditory, kinaesthetic and visual material designed to suit her pupils.

In the second lesson, we see Sue provide a personalised learning experience for Victor, a boy who has been previously excluded. We see how Sue considers about his learning needs and then designs customised tasks and activities so he can function well with the rest of the class.

Published : Sep 2005

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Modern Foreign Languages

Whole School Issues

Secondary Personalised Learning


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