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KS3/4 Dance - You Should be Dancing



Fiona Smith, artistic director of Kick Start, is on a mission to encourage more boys to dance. Here, she leads a group of male student PE teachers in a lesson to demonstrate how dance can inspire male students to express their strength, agility and power.

Fiona teaches the group four contrasting movements and then asks the class to work in pairs, building a sequence around the theme of "brothers".

Alex and Mark, two first year student teachers, who are more at home on the rugby pitch, rise to the occasion on their first dance class. Sam, a second year student, says he believes the new PE curriculum offers more opportunities for both pupils and teachers.

Find out more as the student teachers talk about overcoming the stigma of being a dancer, discuss the balance that dance gives to the curriculum and explore the benefits of men teaching dance.

Published : Feb 2008

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Physical Education

Dance and gymnastics


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