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KS3 Science - Ready to Learn



This programme demonstrates how the Key Stage 3 science curriculum can be linked to the Ready To Learn experiment, with a focus on the Food & Digestion and Fit & Healthy modules.

Two teachers from Riddlesdown High School in Purley, Surrey, demonstrate how the topic of readiness to learn can be used to make pupils more aware of their own learning environments.

This lesson focuses on food and drink, with pupils finding out which foods are good for the brain through research and discussion. The pupils then look at the effect of variables such as distraction and caffeine when taking the test.

The lesson is concluded with pupils thinking about their own individual perfect learning day schedule, in order to consolidate all they have learnt in the lesson.

Ready to Learn? The Experiment is a major piece of education research into children's readiness to learn. Children all over the country were involved in the experiment as part of the National Science and Engineering Week.

Published : Feb 2008

15 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Science


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