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ICT is seen as an indispensable tool at the heart of teaching and learning, and age should be no barrier to embracing a range of technologies.

This programme shows how one nursery is embedding ICT across all areas of learning in a creative and integrated way with their three and four-year olds.

Southall Early Years Education Centre takes a dynamic approach to ICT by including it in all six areas of the Foundation Stage.

Sally Dennis, ICT co-ordinator in Ealing, trains and supports staff, raising their competence and confidence levels. Rozina Hyder, Ranbir Jaswal and Rochelle Lesley work with small groups of children to extend their learning, using equipment appropriate for their level of development.

Their ICT learning methods include:

  • Cooking with a microwave
  • Using a simple tape recorder to record a song
  • Getting parents to use digital cameras for recording
  • Looking at garden worms under a digital microscope
  • A webcam with a record facility to develop sequencing skills

Published : Jan 2006

15 mins


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