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Performance Management - In a Secondary School



Performance management can have a positive impact across all areas of a school, as one PE teacher in Eastbourne has discovered.

When Ratton School decided that developing girls' football was an important target for keeping their pupils actively engaged, PE teacher Jane Upton, a hockey expert, was faced with a two-fold challenge.

But through ongoing performance management, these challenges have brought significant improvements in both Jane's own football skills and the success of the girls' football in general.

Ratton School now has around 70 girls who play competitively in teams, with some having been invited to the Beckham Academy.

We follow Jane and her head of department, Jay Chaundy, during what the school calls a KIT - Keep in Touch - day, when they review teacher targets and discuss the way forward.

Published : Sep 2007

15 mins


Secondary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Secondary Performance Management


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