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Early Years - The Outdoor Environment



Sue Durant and Sheila Sage are early years advisors, passionate believers in using the outdoor environment as an "integrated part of the classroom".

In this programme we see how a reception class gets involved in two activities: a simulated journey to Bear Island and constructing a shelter for teddy bears. The children clamber through specially-built tunnels, over mountains and across holes and ice fields.

In an introductory theatre exercise, Sue works with a group of children as they use hammers, sticks, rope, chain and a camouflage net to build a shelter. We hear about health and safety concerns; the need to communicate with parents and guardians and the benefits of using the outdoor environment to play and learn.

Key points:

  • Outdoor activities provide a valuable learning experience
  • Improve balance and confidence through play
  • Sue and Sheila share their valuable experience

Published : Mar 2005

15 mins


Primary Teacher

Whole School Issues

Primary Early Years


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