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KS3 Citizenship - Child Labour



A class of Year 8 students respond to a film about a 13-year-old Indian boy Anil who has had to give up his own schooling to support his family.

Anil works full-time making glass bangles in the confines of the small room he and his family live in. He burns his fingers in the flame he works at and the gas fumes are damaging his eyes and make it hard for him to breathe.

Anil works so that his younger brothers and sisters can go to school but wishes he could have carried on with school and got an education so he could get a proper job.

The film sparks a discussion with the Year 8 pupils on the complex issue of child labour. Fired up by the subject, they watch a second film about young campaigners in Delhi and decide to start their own campaign in school and in their local area.

They take active citizenship into their own hands, designing posters, websites and leaflets to raise awareness about the realities of life for 250 million children across the world involved in child labour.

Published : May 2007

30 mins


Secondary Teacher


Secondary Citizenship

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