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KS3 Modern Foreign Languages - Engaging the Class 2



Horbury School tackles the gap in the exam results between boys and girls in modern foreign languages by experimenting with a single-sex setting.

This programme focuses on a Year 8 low-ability boys class, taught by Gill Wheeler, the head of modern foreign languages at Horbury. Experts Amanda Barton, head of the modern foreign languages PGCE course at Manchester University, and Terry Lamb, former president of the Association for Language Learning examine the techniques Gill is using to motivate her class.

The programme explores how Gill sets up a football league system with the class to raise motivation. The class is split into teams who score goals for good work and move up and down a league. Gill uses the league to introduce a wide range of varied activities to cater for the boys' learning styles.

We also take a close look at how Gill uses:

  • Differentiation
  • Independent learning
  • Peer assessment

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