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Practical Tips 1



Sara Bubb, TES columnist, author and senior lecturer at The Institute of Education, draws on her years of experience and breadth of knowledge to provide answers to NQTs' common problems.

Three teachers who have just completed their induction year add their own anecdotal experience of teaching and offer their own survival tips for other NQTs. Sara outlines the typical pattern of progress and stresses of the first term, covering problems like pre-term preparation, behaviour management, parents' evenings and the possibility of failing the induction year.

Some of the questions tackled include:

  • How to approach working with a teaching assistant
  • How to win confidence at parents' evening
  • How to assert authority from day one without coming across as a tyrannical control freak
  • How to establish classroom rules


Published : Feb 2005

15 mins


Primary NQTs


Primary NQT


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