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Girl Talk



Behaviour expert John Bayley advises a Year 10 maths teacher who feels powerless to discourage two chatty girls who constantly seek her attention. See John's advice in this classroom-management resource for teachers.

Nicola Lamb's anxiety is compounded by an acute self-perception: she fears that having been a teacher for over seven years, she "may be just like them".

John's practical advice for Nicola includes rationing her visits to their table and rewarding their good behaviour with her attention but starving the secondary girls of her presence when they do things off task.

The following day Nicola teaches the same class again and puts John's advice into practice. Her resolution and determination are rewarded when, without Nicola's attention, the girls have little else to do but get on with their work.

Nicola is delighted with John's help, explaining how she feels far less pressurised in lessons and more able to spread her attention, targeting those who need her most in her Key Stage 4 class at Moulton School.

Published : Jul 2005

15 mins


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Secondary Teacher

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Secondary Behaviour


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